3M has recently introduced new glass microsphere technology that can reduce the density and weight of plastic products to reduce the weight of plastic parts, improve the dimensional stability of plastic parts, and reduce shrinkage and warpage. This technology has now landed in China.

3M glass microspheres are a low density additive with an average particle size of 16 to 70 microns and a density ranging from 0.15g / ml to 0.6g / ml. Glass microspheres are made of chemically stable borosilicate glass, which is insoluble in water and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Compared with ordinary mineral fillers, 3M glass microspheres can improve the fluidity of the polymer, can be molded at a lower temperature and injection pressure, and can reduce the molding time and improve production efficiency. This material has good compatibility with common thermoplastics such as PP, nylon, and ABS.

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