Silica Sphere Spacer


LWsphere®Si-Spacer has very narrow particle size distribution, enable precise control of cell thickness, no damage to substrates, and higher clarity.


Very uniform particle size with a coefficient of variation CV of less than 2.5%

Good monodispersity, no overlap or agglomeration

High purity, no pollution

High mechanical strength, K>4500

Excellent heat, cold and chemical resistance


Physical property
Average particle size, µm  ± 0.05 Coulter Particle Size Analysis Counter
Particle size distribution CV value 1.0% -2.5% Coulter Particle Size Analysis Counter
10% Modulus of Elasticity, kgf/mm2 > 4500 Shimadzu MCT210
Specific gravity, g/cm3 2.1 Multi-Volume Density test
Thermal Decomposition Temp,℃in air not decomposed
Refractive Index 1.46 20 ºC, λ=589 nm

LWsphere®Si-Spacer is of very uniform particle size

The particle size and distribution of LWsphere®Si-Spacer were determined using internationally recognized testing instruments (Beckman Coulter Counter Multisizer) and methods. To ensure accurate results, each measurement is calibrated with NIST-traceable standard particles before each measurement.The coefficient of variation, CoefficientValue(CV)%(standarddeviation/averagediameter)x100, is controlled below 2.5%.