Grinding Glass Bead


Grinding glass bead is made of special glass by smashing and fritting.It has the characteristics  of smooth surface,average size,high hardness,anti-friction and stable etc.Widely used in dyestuff,paint,ink,chemical industries etc as dispersing agent,grinding medium and filling materials.


0.4-0.8mm used as propping agent for oil fracturing to improve oil yield

0.8-0.2mm used as dispersant in the deep processing for china clay,heavy calcium carbonate

2.0-6.0mm used as dispersing agent in bead mill in the production of chemicals,dyestuff,paint and ink


1.Choosing the appropriate variety,standard and quantity glass beads according to the viscosity,hardness, dispersed particle size of grinding materials(abrasive materials) and grinding requirements.

2.Before grinding,clean the glass beads and grinding machine barrel inner wall

3.First put the materials need to be ground into the grind machine barrel,then put into right quantity glass bead. After the grinding machine running,gradually add the glass beads. Usually the filling quantity is 70%-85% of the grinding machine barrel volume.

4.Do not make the glass beads operate for a long time in the condition of the grinding machine are lake of materials.Or the glass beads will be mashed easily in the high speed operating grinding machine.

5.Adding glass beads properly after operating for a period to guarantee the grinding quality and efficiency.

Physical property
Item Index
appearance colorless transparent sphere, smooth and round, no obvious bubbles or impurities
Roundness ≥90%
density 2.5g/cm3
Refractive index  ≥1.50
Chemical composition Soda-lime glass SiO2>68%
Mohs hardness 6-7mohs
Mechanical properties

(Compression strength)

Micro hadness (Indentation hardness) 8000kg/cm2
Acid resistance Weightlessness 0.005mg/cm³

(boiled 4 hours in 20% HCL solution)

Alkali resistance Weightlessness 0.3mg/cm³

(boiled 4 hours in 1% NaOH solution)


NO. Diameter(mm)
1 0.8-1
2 1-1.5
3 1.5-2
4 2-3
5 3-4
6 4-5
7 5-6


In 25kg, 1000kg pp bag