White Polystyrene Microspheres


White polystyrene microspheres are prepared from polystyrene by emulsion polymerization, and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging in size from 0.05 – 50 μm, with uniform particle size.


Perfect spherical, highly uniform particle size(CV<3%)

High chemical stability

Good monodispersity


Polystyrene microspheres with no functional groups on the surface are suitable for binding antigens and antibodies by physical adsorption; Polystyrene microspheres with modified carboxyl groups on the surface can be coupled to ligands such as antigens/haptens, antibodies, peptides and nucleic acid probes by covalent bonding manner, providing ideal materials for immunodiagnosis and biological separation. It provides an ideal material for biological separation. We can provide customized services such as a variety of particle sizes and surface groups to meet diverse needs.


Store at 2 – 8°C, do not freeze.

Technical Index
Material Polystyrene
Particle diameter 0.05-50μm
Solid content 5%w/v
Surface modified with no functional groups /with modified carboxyl groups
Preserving fluid Pure water(containing 0.05%w/v Proclin®300)


White polystyrene microspheres 0.05-0.5μm
0.05μm 0.07μm 0.10μm 0.12μm 0.15μm 0.17μm
with no functional groups LWsphere®005PS LWsphere®010PS
with modified carboxyl groups LWsphere®007PS LWsphere®010PS LWsphere®012PS LWsphere®015PS LWsphere®017PS
0.20μm 0.25μm 0.30μm 0.35μm 0.40μm 0.50μm
with no functional groups LWsphere®020PS LWsphere®050PS
with modified carboxyl groups LWsphere®020PS LWsphere®025PS LWsphere®030PS LWsphere®035PS LWsphere®040PS LWsphere®050PS

Packaging sizes