Sandblasting Glass Microspheres


Shot peening,sand blasting glass bead is a new material developing in recent years with wide usage and special performance.this product is made of silicate raw material by high-tech processing.Regard compressing the air as and guide the motive force of penetrating while polishing, make medium with the glass beads, by the high speed, spay the work piece surface with high pressure, gush out pills to strengthen,only adorn and process and achieve the clean and improve machining accuracy goal.


The product has high strength, good chemical stability and so on. The glass bead will not pollute the processed metal and can accelerate the cleaning and restore the materials to original cleanliness and smooth finish.

Shot blasting glass bead is the preferred medium.It is widely used for rust removal in aerospace machinery etc.


1.Sandblasting for rust,paint,carbon removal and remove the machining marks.

2.Used for cleaning all kind of molds, rubber mold except the cleaning and rust removal for off line cutting mold of parting release agent.

3.Cleaning all kinds of mechanical tensile stress to increase fatigue life.

4.Cleaning to remove the burrs before tinning for semiconductor device,plastic tube.

5.Shot peening strengthening for medical apparatus and instruments,textile machinery and kinds of hardware products.

6.Cleaning and removing burr residue for kinds of metal tube and nonferrous metal precision casting

7.Surface polishing treatment for stainless metal products, workpiece welding cleaning and surface scratches removal processing

8.Anodising and the process before plating,in addition to clean the appearance this can also increase adhesion area.

Physical property
Item Index
Appearance clear,round,smooth,without any impurity
SiO2 >67%
CaO >8.0%
MgO >2.5%
Na2O <14%
Al2O3 0.5-2.0
Fe2O3 >0.15
others 2.0%
specific gravity 2.4-2.6g/cm3
bulk density 1.5g/cm3
Mohs hardness 6-7mohs
HRC 48-52
roundness >90%
magnetic particle do not exceed the weight of product 0.03%
bubble content <3%
silicon resin none


NO. Diameter(μm)
1 850-425
2 600-300
3 425-212
4 212-150
5 150-100
6 100-70
7 70-48


In 25kg, 1000kg pp bag[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]