Hollow Glass Microsphere H46


Hollow Glass Microspheres is a kind of hollow spherical powdered ultralight inorganic nonmetallic materials.


Pure white color, Hollow Glass Microsphere can be widely used in products which have high requirements for looks and colors.Low density, reducing the products’basic weight obviously after filling. (the density of HGS is one out of a dozen of traditional filler particles’ density). Relatively large volume, which can substitute and save more resins, reducing cost.High dispersion and good fluidity, dimensional stability, reduced warpage and shrinkage when used as additives.Heat insulation, sound insulation, mostly used as heat insulation paints and coatings, automotive sealants.In addition, corrosion resistant, fire resistant, non-conducting.

Model H46
Appearance White and Good fluidity
True Density 0.44~0.48g/cm³
Bulk Density 0.23~0.26g/cm³
Particle Size(D50) 40μm
Particle Size(D90) 70µm
Crush Strength 41Mpa/6000Psi
Flotation: ≥93%
Moisture ≤0.5%


In 10kg,13kg, 15kg,20kg carton

100/180/200kg bag