Glass Sand


Glass sand can be divided into colored glass sand and transparent glass sand.Transparent glass sand looks like white sugar.Otherwise,glass sand is mainly used for glass surface decoration,such as glass,vase,chimney etc.Through the 520-580 degrees temperature roast, glass sand can be welded with glass work piece together and then form the three-dimensional surface concave and convex.Colored glass sand can be used for decoration and arts.


clean,bright colors,small and irregular granular.


colorless,red,yellow,green,blue,purple or produce as require.


1)Used as competitive products, artwork decoration(ornament ),accouterments, tourist souvenir for inside and outside decoration or others.

2) Color glass beads used as surface decoration of Christmas tree,exterior decoration of artificial fruit and artificial flowers can strengthen the lifelike effect.

3) Also used for the decoration of building,aquarium and swimming pool.

NO. Diameter(mm)
1 0.6-1
2 1-1.5
3 1-2
4 2-3
5 3-5
6 4-6
7 6-9


In 25kg, 1000kg pp bag