Colored Glass Microspheres


Colored glass beads is a reality color product. It is used for swimming pool, park, alcove, metope, doorcase pole, gardening potted plan, screen, and other decoration.

We can supply blue glass beads, red glass beads, green glass beads, yellow glass beads, black glass beads, white glass beads, purple glass beads, pink glass beads, grey glass beads, etc. with competitive price and high quality!

1 Color Reality color up (Red, Green,Blue, Yellow, Black,White,Purple)
2 Shape Round ball or Oval species
3 Size 0.4-6mm (0.4-0.6, 0.6-0.8, 0.8-1.0,1.0-1.5,1.5-2.0,2.0-2.5,


4 Refraction index 1.30-1.50
5 SpecificGravity(g/cm3) 2.50
6 Contain gravity(g/cm3) 1.50
7 Micro Hardness(kg/mm2) ≥635
8 Mohs Hardness >6


In 25kg, 1000kg pp bag