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Application of monodisperse silica spherical particles

Monodisperse microspheres refer to microspheres that have the same composition and shape and relatively uniform particle size.

In recent years, what has attracted more research interest is the use of monodisperse silica spherical particles as raw materials for self-assembly to prepare photonic crystals. The material made of photonic crystal has the characteristics of prohibiting the passage of light waves in a certain frequency band, which is the basis for the preparation of optoelectronic devices with greater integration and faster speed. The preparation of submicron spherical silica particles is the prerequisite for the assembly of three-dimensional photonic crystals.

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Classification and application of glass bead

Glass beads can be divided into various types of machinery application types, precision machinery application types, decoration types, and so on. When glass beads are used in high-precision machinery, they are generally used to remove dirt and rust inside the machine by using glass beads. In this way, it is possible to clean the interior of the machine without damaging the internal structure of the machine.

Reflective glass beads are a type of glass beads closely related to people’s daily lives. Reflective glass beads are mainly used in road marking. Reflective glass microbeads are used in combination with paint, which allows passersby to clearly distinguish the location of the crossed lines at all angles, which brings more safety and convenience for people to travel. Decorative glass beads are a type of colored jewelry processed by using the characteristics of glass beads, some of which are used in artificial agate, and some are used in colored glass beads and decorative glass beads.

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