Spacer Plastic Sphere


LWsphere®Poly-Spacer are monodisperse microspheres composed of highly cross-linked polymers, with very narrow particle size distribution, which can precisely control the thickness of the box, without causing damage to the substrate, and with higher clarity. It is widely used in LCD and PDLC fields.


Very uniform particle size with a coefficient of variation CV of less than 3.5%
Good monodispersity, no overlap or agglomeration
High purity, no pollution
High mechanical strength
Excellent heat, cold and chemical resistance


Physical property
Average particle size, µm  ± 0.05 Coulter Particle Size Analysis Counter
Particle size distribution CV value 1.0% -3.5% Coulter Particle Size Analysis Counter
10% Modulus of Elasticity, kgf/mm2 300-700 Shimadzu MCT210
Specific gravity, g/cm3 1.08 Multi-Volume Density test
Thermal Decomposition Temp,℃in air 340 TGA
Refractive Index 1.59 20 ºC, λ=589 nm

LWsphere®Poly-Spacer is of very uniform particle size

The particle size and distribution of LWsphere®Poly-Spacer were determined using internationally recognized testing equipment (Beckman Coulter Counter Multisizer) and methods. To ensure accurate results, each measurement is calibrated with NIST traceable standard particles. The coefficient of variation, Coefficient Value (CV)%=(standard deviation/average diameter)x100, was controlled below 3.5%.


LWsphere®Poly-Spacer is of high purity, no pollution

The ion content of LWsphere®Poly-Spacer will directly affect the quality of the liquid crystal, so we use deionized water in the preparation and cleaning process, and the products are regularly sampled for inspection

Substance Control Limit Test Method
Fe ≤2ppm ICP Spectrometer
Ca ≤2ppm
K ≤2ppm
Na ≤2ppm
Cl ≤1ppm Ion Chromatography


LWsphere®Poly-Spacer meet the request of RoHS

LWsphere®Poly-Spacer do not use any elements prohibited by the EU RoHS directive in the production process, and do not contain organic substances and heavy metals prohibited by RoHS

Substance Test Result
Cd N.D.
Pb N.D.
Hg N.D.
Cr6+ N.D.


LWsphere®Spacer contain two series of products.
Diameter CV Increment Application
LWsphere®Poly-Spacer 2.0-100µm ≤3.5% 0.1µm TN, HTN
LWsphere®Poly-Spacer 2.0-7.0µm ≤3.0% 0.1µm HTN, STN, FSTN

Packaging sizes