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Application of glass microspheres in the filling of Epoxy Tooling board

        The man-made wood filled with hollow glass microspheres can provide excellent quality assurance for parts of furniture, ornaments and sculptures. In the original formula, the product density can be adjusted by adding different percentage of hollow glass microspheres.
        The oil absorption rate of hollow glass microspheres is much less than that of other common fillers like calcium carbonate, so the viscosity is significantly lower also.
        Compared with traditional mineral additives, hollow glass microspheres have a better mobility, which are suitable for the manufacture of large area, thin wood board. The wood materials with addition of hollow glass microspheres are more easily nailed. It can avoid the phenomenon of cracking existing in the traditional formula of artificial wood in general after nailing.
        Hollow glass microspheres mixture:
        The filling content of hollow glass MICROSPHERES generally is between 5% -20%. It can be easily mixed with resin, and is proposed to be added at the final stages of mixing with a slower mixing speed. If the high-pressure pump required, it should be determined that whether the strength of hollow glass microspheres can meet the requirement in advance.

Note: The mixture method of hollow glass microspheres is also important, we strongly recommend that the mixing speed of adding hollow glass microspheres should be less than 100 r / min.