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China's Glass Beads Producers Are Lack of Confidence

        A recent survey on China Entrepreneurs recently show that in the first half of 2012, the comprehensive operating status of China enterprises is not so impressive in comparison with that of last year. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life seem to be not that confident due to the slack season. Nevertheless, they are still quite optimistic about the market in the next half of the year.
        According to the survey report, the major difficulties those enterprises are facing are: the continuously rising production cost, the heavier burden of social insurance and the narrow profit margin. Some industries like textile, paper-making, chemical fiber and non-metallic products are with the pretty serious problem of excess production capacity, which results in financial strain. It is also more and more difficult to hire workers wo maintain the production line.
        Take enterprises of glass beads as an example, they come across a series of problems due to the economic slump in the international market. Some medium-size companies with less competitiveness have already declared bankruptcy, some even closed down. Another part of companies are still fighting with difficulties, with competitors, or with themselves. They try to do internal reform of the enterprises and adjust employers to relieve the burden. On the other hand, they do efforts to increase technology content, research and develop new technology products and seek new network marketing model. Those strategies are widely adopted by most glass beads producers. We have confidence to believe that they can survive from the cold season with their continuous effort.