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Thermal and acoustic insulation of hollow glass beads

Imagine the lightest glass ball powder can help reduce the weight of aircraft and cars, and reduce the energy consumption generated during the journey. Insulating glass microsphere powder is contributing to this every day. Our high strength/weight ratio glass ball powders are used in lightweight materials such as plastics and composites. Throughout a variety of industrial applications, our hollow glass bead powders are also used as filler materials to enhance product performance while helping to reduce overall cost.

The interior of the hollow glass microspheres is a thin gas, so it has the characteristics of sound insulation and heat insulation, and is an excellent filler for various insulation and sound insulation products. The insulating properties of the hollow glass microspheres can also be used to protect the product from thermal shocks caused by alternating changes between hot and quench conditions. The higher specific resistance and the extremely low water absorption make it widely used in the production of cable insulation.

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