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How is glass beads made

The glass microbeads are present in the fly ash discharged from thermal power plants. They are artificial volcanic ash materials. The thermal power plant grinds the coal into powder and sprays it into the combustion boiler through professional equipment to let them burn in suspension. During the whole combustion process, the organic components in the coal and the combustibles such as charcoal are basically burned out, and the non-combustible components such as clay-like silicon-aluminum-iron-calcium in the coal.

 It is melted at a high temperature to form a symbiosis of Moledo and quartz glass, which is filled with various gases within their pores. When the furnace temperature continues to rise to 1400 degrees Celsius, through the complex physical action, the molten particles continuously roll in the suspension to form a sphere. During this process, the gas in the pores is enclosed in the sphere, and the morphology of the glass beads is basically generated.

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