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Application of hollow glass microbeads in the thermal insulation coating industry

Glass beads have a minimum specific surface area and low oil absorption, which can greatly reduce the use of other production ingredients in the coating. The vitreous surface of glass beads is more resistant to chemical attack and has a reflective effect on light. Therefore, the coating coating has antifouling, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, anti-yellowing and anti-scratch effects. The tightly arranged hollow glass microspheres contain a thin gas inside and have a low thermal conductivity, so the coating has a very good thermal insulation effect.

Hollow glass beads can effectively enhance the flow and leveling of the coating. The gas contained in the hollow glass microspheres has better resistance to cold and heat shrinkage, thereby enhancing the elasticity of the coating and greatly reducing cracking and peeling of the coating due to thermal expansion and contraction. Under the premise of high filling amount, the viscosity of the coating increases little, so the amount of solvent can be reduced, which can reduce the emission of toxic gases during the use of the coating, and effectively reduce the VOC index.

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