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Silicon microspheres

Silicone microspheres, a multi-functional special silicone resin microsphere, are snow-white regularized free-flowing spherical fine powder. It has a three-dimensional cross-linked molecular structure and exhibits excellent heat resistance and dispersion properties. It has a wide range of applications and numerous applications. Especially suitable and widely used in the field of lamps, light boxes, flat panel liquid crystal diffusers.

The spherical silicon micro-powder technology is based on the low-cost natural high-quality powder quartz mineral as the basic raw material. The sol-gel technology is used to prepare high-purity spherical nano-amorphous in accordance with the requirements of electronic packaging materials in the presence of dispersant and spherical catalyst. State silicon micropowder broke the monopoly of the technology in a few countries such as the United States, Japan and Germany, indicating that the research on spherical silicon micropowder in China has made new major progress.

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