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Road marking glass microspheres for driver safety

Road marking reflective glass beads are undoubtedly a kind of glass beads related to road markings. This kind of glass beads are made of glass sand as raw material and melted at high temperature to make a very small glass ball. It can only be seen when viewed under a microscope. This glass bead is a colorless, transparent spherical object.

It is this small glass bead that plays a very important role in the road marking as a reflective material. This small glass bead can improve the retroreflective performance of pavement marking paint and improve the safety of driving at night. Nowadays, it has been Affirmation of the national transportation departments. Road marking reflective glass beads help the driver at night. When the driver is in the night industry, when the lights are on the road markings with glass beads, the light of the lights can be reflected back in parallel, thus making The driver saw the direction of the move and improved the safety of the driver's friends driving at night. Therefore, this small glass bead also plays a very important role in people's safety.

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