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Effect of hollow glass beads on artificial marble

The larger use of hollow glass beads is artificial marble. In the United States, many manufacturers are using this filler, which has several advantages. These factors should be optimized to make the artificial marble texture smoother and the bubbles easier to remove, especially when the temperature of the resin is less than 21 °C.

The advantages mentioned above include: 1 improving impact performance. 2 Improve the texture layout and color continuity, making the product more beautiful. 3 Reduce the curing time and have a faster mold turnover speed. 4 Improve the impact strength, improve the resistance to cracking, and reduce the breakage rate of the product. 5 Improve machinability and reduce the time to remove flash, cut, drill and polish. 6 Reduce the wear of the post-processing tool. 7 Improve the coloring performance of light colors. Lightweight, 8 makes it easier to handle and install, and reduces shipping costs.

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