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The Application of Hollow Glass Microspheres in Paint [Another Edition]

        Hollow glass microsphere is a kind of material with low density and high strength. Compared with common glass beads, hollow glass beads, with light weight, low density and good heat insulation, is a major material of heat insulation paint. Due to its small granule size, it can be directly added to paint as filler. Hollow glass beads are closed hollow balls. It can form an independent heat insulation space when added to paints, thus isolating the heat and lowering the noise from the outside. It can improve the coatings ability to prevent water, dirt and erosion.
        Hollow glass beads' round form enables it to have good dispersion on impact and pressure. Added to paints, it can improve paint's resistance ability to external pressure, greatly reducing the cracking and peeling of the coating due to thermal expansion and contraction.
        The low oil absorption property of hollow glass microspheres can significantly reduce the consumption of other components in paint.
        The vitrified surface of glass beads can resist chemical corrosion and it will reflex on light. Therefore, the paint surface will not be fouled, corroded or become yellow and scratching. Using advice:
        The hollow glass beads are recommended to add at the last step, and dispersed with low-speed, low sheering force mixing equipment. Because of its good liquidity and small friction, it is easily dispersed and can be wet in a short time. Extending mixing time can achieve uniform dispersion.
        Hollow glass beads ate inert and non-toxic. Since it's very light, highly attention should be paid when adding it to the paint. We propose to add glass microsphere step by step. In this way, it can well avoid microspheres to float into the air and make the dispersion more completely.