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Colored Glass Microspheres and Microbeads

Colored high quality solid glass microspheres are manufactured from high pure raw materials and have a pure and shining surfaces. The density colored glass microbeads is 2,45-2.50 g/cm3, chemical composition is 65% SiO2, 13% Na2O, 8% CaO and other minor components. These glass microbeads are free from lead oxide. The sphericity of these beads ≥ 95%. The intense colors result in very high contrast and visibility relative to most background materials. They are available as dry powders, and can easily be suspended in aqueous media if desired.

Colored glass microbeads were developed for use as reference or calibration materials and in applications where a high visual contrast is desired. The product line consists of a large assortment of uniform particle sizes between 150 and 2000 microns in eleven different colors. They can be dispersed in aqueous media and some other solvents. Currently, we are evaluating the compatibility of various solvents and dispersion media.

Typical applications of colored glass microbeads include:

Reference or calibration materials
Testing of filtration media and systems
Vial and container cleaning evaluations
Flow tracing and fluid mechanics
Contamination control
Sedimentation processes
Calibration of injection devices
Pharmaceutical manufacturing control

Colored glass microbeads can be observed directly in the media being tested either visually or by light microscopy. Their high contrast and visibility make them ideal for contamination control and tracing applications.