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EMB Solid Glass Microspheres

Solid Glass Microspheres have been developed as filler for paints, coatings and films. A key feature of this product is the low alkalinity of the spheres.

• Good fluidity and dispersion: Glass Microspheres disperse easily and provide excellent fluidity performance to resin compounds because of the spherical particle shape and controlled particle size distribution.
• Isotropic fillers cause no strain: Glass Microspheres is an isotropic filler, the force is equally distributed due to the spherical shape. Glass Microspheres do not cause strain generally caused by anisotropic fillers such as glass fibers and micas.
• Low alkaline solubility: Low alkaline composition provides minimal alkaline solubility compared to soda lime glass.

• Hardness Improvement: Glass Microspheres impart surface hardness to
coating resin compounds.
• Surface Matting: Glass Microspheres provide a matted surface to paint resin compounds.
• High Abrasion Performance: Hardness of Glass Microspheres support high
abrasion performance of coating resin compounds.
• High Heat Resistance: Heat resistance of glass material supports high heat resistance of paints and coating resin compounds.
• Anti-blocking: Glass Microspheres provide anti-blocking performance to film resin compounds.