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Glass microspheres pre-treatment process route determination

Typically non-metallic surface metallization main process routes for the pre-treatment: to oil deal with a cleaning,an activation process a cleaning.

For this type of hard glass microspheres coated substrate, usually after the degreasing process, adding roughening pretreatment step prior to activation Step to improve the surface state of the substrate and promote their activation effect. The purpose is to increase the roughened microroughness and the hydrophilic ability, and the contact area of ​​the substrate surface, in order to ensure the adsorption of catalytically active metal particles.

After the addition of the crude addition, this study also to oil treatment, prior to activation of the introduction of new front-coupled approach.Coupling treatment is to improve the performance of the microspheres in the adsorption of colloidal palladium activation process, choose one with a surface treatment agent "complex" precious metal properties of glass microspheres for processing. The treatment agent should contain affinity and functional groups of the inorganic powder functional group and the "complex" precious metal properties. Coupling process the hollow glass microspheres surface layer of self-assembled film, a film with end group amino affinity for palladium ions adsorbed palladium firmly so that the active surface of the microspheres point greatly increased, electroless nickel plating can be in occurring on the catalytically active surface.

In addition, if the activation process uses a colloidal palladium activation method, then after activation but also for the glue treatment,
Palladium colloid protective layer around the particle from basic tin compounds constituted removed, exposing the metal particles having a catalytic activity of palladium.

In summary, this study pre-treatment process route initially identified as: a hollow glass microspheres to a processing oil (even
Linking treatment or roughening) an activation treatment (colloidal palladium activation method or sensitizing a two-step activation) a (glue processing)

Activation of a microsphere, and to study the various processing steps and each step of the way, and stirred loading microspheres activation effect Peng sound experiments, which ultimately determine the pre-treatment process route.