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Something about glass microspheres

The wide application of glass microspheres in the market, recognized by more and more in all walks of life, thus good degree of evaluation by customers. Glass microspheres are mainly by borosilicate raw material processing and become, has the characteristics of the thermal conductivity, good, high strength, not on the surface of the glass microspheres because after processing, thus has the oil-wet hydrophobic properties, so it is easy to disperse in organic materials department.
We can see on a lot of jewelry and clothing, glass microspheres, glass microspheres on clothing, referred to as printed, decorated with glass microspheres of the clothing is more bright. Glass microspheres compared with other adornment material, not inferior, also has characteristics of decoration, style is also very beautiful. Glass microspheres has not only on the clothes and accessories can be used as a decorative effect, can also in medical equipment, aviation, widely used in rubber and so on a series of material.
Glass microspheres as a low cost of particulate matter, is often used in mechanical descaling, urban traffic road zebra crossing, reflective and traffic signs forbid line night retroreflecting device. Its main chemical composition is sio2, from material to see this kind of material has the characteristics of high hardness, its appearance is bright and clean, roundness, some is transparent, round rate is as high as 85% above. The substance mixed in the plastic products to make plastic products with good toughness, but not their own hardness and lower. Glass microspheres also have the characteristics of high melting point; can be applied in fire insulation engineering. High insulation properties can be used in high polymer insulation filling work. Glass microspheres of the density of 1.78 g/cm3, mixes with engineering plastics can obviously to achieve the effect of weight loss. Corrosion resistance is also a highlight the advantages of glass microspheres, some industrial plastic products will add some glass microspheres, corrosion resistance characteristics can be achieved. In short, the development of glass microspheres market prospect is very broad, temporarily not in the position in the market.
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