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The role of Hollow Glass Microspheres in coating and Resin industry

Hollow Glass Microspheres in coating industry
1, the highly effective filling ability, low oil absorption, low density, adding 5% (wt) can make the finished product quantity in 25-30%, which does not increase or decrease coating cost of per unit volume.
2, cenosphere particles as closed hollow sphere, added into the coating form independent adiabatic many micro cavity, thus greatly improve the coating to the heat and sound insulation, have very good insulation and noise reduction effect.
3, make coating has better waterproof, anti-fouling, corrosion resistant performance. Cenosphere chemical inert surface chemical resistance, as a membrane space-time core bead closely packed particles, forming low porosity, the coating surface of moisture and ions have a resistance to corrosion protective film, have very good protection effect.
4, cenosphere particles spherical structure makes it has good dispersion effect to the impact and stress, added to the coating can well improve the coating outside force impact resistance, but also can reduce the coating stress cracking because of the heat bilges cold shrink.
5, better whitening camouflage effect. White powder has better than ordinary paint of the whitening effect, effectively reducing the amount of other expensive fillers and pigments (compared with titanium dioxide, cenosphere cost is only 1/5 the size or so.
6, effectively enhance the coating adhesion. Low oil absorption properties of hollow microsphere, make more resin can participate in the film, thus to improve the coating adhesion by 3-4 times.
7, add 5% of the density of cenosphere can make coating from 1.3 to 1.3 below, thereby significantly reducing the coating weight, avoid the occurrence of wall coating falls off phenomenon.
8, cenosphere has very good reflection effect to ultraviolet ray, prevent yellowing coating aging.
9, cenosphere high melting point, greatly improve the coating temperature resistance, good fire prevention effect.
10, cenosphere spherical particles have the effect of bearing, friction small, can increase the flow of the coating performance daub, make the construction more convenient.
Hollow Glass Microspheres in the resin industry
1, good color . Appearance and calcium carbonate as pure white , any color can be widely used in products .
2, light weight bulky. After filling the application can greatly reduce the weight of products , thereby reducing the amount of resin main raw material , reduce product cost .
3, the filling process is simple . Hollow glass microspheres without surface treatment , can be directly mixed with the main raw materials or finished masterbatch . Fill Hollow Glass Microspheres fill product than other fillers products lighter, bigger, and better indicators of various physical and mechanical properties.
4, good fluidity, excellent dimensional stability products. As Hollow Glass Microspheres are tiny balls , in liquid, such as miniature ball bearings action , than the sheet, the filling needle or irregularly shaped particles of a more better fluidity effect resulting microspheres , the viscosity of the mixture decreased , excellent filling properties of natural , good processability , can increase production efficiency by 15% to 20%. Since spherical object is isotropic, so filled beads orientation does not produce a result inconsistent shrinkage caused by different parts of the shortcomings, ensure that the product is dimensionally stable and will not warp, to solve the profile, large injection molding deformation processing long-standing problem.
5, heat insulation, sound insulation, low water absorption. Hollow Glass Microspheres inside a vacuum or rarefied gas, the presence of two different materials, density and thermal conductivity is poor, so it has a sound and heat insulation, low thermal conductivity properties, is used as a variety of insulation, soundproofing products, excellent filler. Beads thermal insulation properties can be used to protect the product subjected to rapid heating and rapid cooling conditions caused by alternating between a thermal shocks. A very high specific resistance, low water absorption can be used to processing the cable insulation.