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China glass microspheres comprehensive market analysis

Glass Microspheres as a particulate matter in inexpensive, usually used for mechanical descaling, urban traffic road crossing, forbid line night reflective traffic signs and reflective devices. Its chemical composition is mainly silica, come to be seen from the composition of the material of this material has the characteristics of high hardness , its appearance and smooth, rounded , and some is transparent , round rate of up to 85 % or more. The substance mixed in the plastic products to make plastic products with good toughness, but not their own hardness and lower. Glass Microspheres also has the characteristics of high melting point, can be applied in fire insulation engineering. High insulation properties can be used in high polymer insulation filling work. Glass Microspheres density of 1.78 g/cm3, mixes with engineering plastics can obviously to achieve the effect of weight loss. Corrosion resistance is also Glass Microspheres a prominent advantage of some industrial plastic products will add some Glass Microspheres; corrosion resistance characteristics can be achieved.
How to evaluate the quality of the Glass Microspheres
1, bibulous rate, the bubble in the water of vitrified beads out weigh weight, overweight part is vitrified microsphere, absorb moisture, bibulous rate is higher that closed lower porosity, high water absorption of pearlite in the heat preservation mortar, may produce the problem such as cracking empty drum.
2, hardness/strength: open pore expansion perlite with the hand a pinch broken, after adding powder material mechanical agitation most will shatter, whereas vitrified microsphere surface vitrification is bigger than perlite hardness, stirring after breakage rate is relatively lower. But it's still not recommended vitrified beads in blender mixing for too long time.
3, the floating in the water rate: take a certain amount of vitrified microsphere, bubble is in water, in a few minutes to see how large a proportion of float on the surface of the vitrified beads, sink, the more said hole, the more natural sink after opening of perlite bibulous.
4, grain size: if the vitrified beads found a large number of fine powder, usually without enough temperature calcined perlite ore (commonly known as raw materials), the powder is less than the heat preservation effect, and because there is no calcined ore, the proportion is very big. Recommend choosing uniform particle size, less fine material glass beads. China glass Microspheres formation of industrialization
Today, composite materials in the field of military and civilian uses quite a lot, and Glass Microspheres can effectively improve the strength of the composite. China glass Microspheres products, under the microscope at high magnification, showing a sparkling sphere. An example to illustrate the significant contribution Glass Microspheres it, like the “dragon " to achieve a maximum dive depth , creating a new history of China's manned deep submergence , the ship looks shell is very heavy, but the weight in air but not to 22 tonnes, which is hollow Glass Microspheresand epoxy resins by impact .
In addition, the hollow glass Microspheres with thermal insulation characteristics, but also has sound-absorbing function, becoming the first choice of large aircraft weight. Not only that, it can also be applied in aerospace mechanical descaling. God became small beads into the sea indispensable key materials, naturally become the focus of attention. At present, China glass Microspheres achieve industrialization, breaking the U.S. company 3M’s monopoly on glass Microspheres.
China glass Microspheres for the first time into the Africa market
The Chinese market Glass Microspheres first entered the market of Africa. 217.5 tons, valued at $ 146,300 Road marking coating and 9.8 tons, valued at $ 4,500 for pavement marking with Glass Microspheres, Inspection and Quarantine inspection by Baoding sent to Ethiopia.
Glass Beads for Road Marking or also called Reflective Glass Beads improve the road marking line contrary reflection function. When driving at night, the lamp shines on the marking line with glass bead in it, the ray of lamp is reflected back parallely. So the driver can look at the road clearly and drive safely at night.
To ensure the smooth export, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Baoding patiently explain to corporate non-product output pre-shipment inspection requirements and procedures, to take on-site inspection and verification type test reports by way of a combination of pre-shipment inspection, while core prices refinement links, through cost accounting, document verification, declarations and invoice checking, etc. to ensure the effectiveness of the nuclear price.