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Application of Glass Microspheres in The Exploitation of Oil And Gas Fields

Appearance:    White fine powde
Particle shape:    Hollow spheres
Composition:    Soda lime borosilicate quality
True density:    0.20-0.60g/cc
Average particle size:    about 2-120μm
Compressive strength:    about 4-69MPa
Thermal conductivity:    0.03-0.06w/m.k

        1.Hollow glass microsphere itself is inert without pollution. As a continuous medium, low density drilling fluid with addition of hollow glass microspheres was incompressible, and all wells are uniform in density. Sludge cakes formed have good lubrication, reducing the risk of sticking. It is technically infeasible for drilling large deviated wells and horizontal wells since the recycled micro-foam and air drilling technology can not deliver MWD signal. However, hollow glass microspheres have an irreplaceable advantage for it can not affect the system signal.
        2.Hollow glass microspheres has a good rolling performance, and it can increase the drilling rate, and significantly improve the drilling efficiency.
        3.Drilling fluid with hollow glass bubbles has feature of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, stability, durability, and can be recycled.
        4.With the increase of low middle pressure layer, low-density slurry cementing with hollow glass beads were adopted to consolidate the wells to prevent or reduce leakage, increase the cement top. It plays a significant role in increasing the exploration reserves, improving single well production, and effectively developing underground oil and gas resources so as to solve complex problems.