Hollow Glass Microspheres

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Hollow Glass Microspheres

Hollow glass microspheres (also often called Hollow Glass Bubbles) are sometimes also termed microballoons, have diameters ranging from 10 to 300 micrometers. Hollow glass microspheres also can be called Large Hole Glass Beads are often used as a lightweight filler in composite materials such as syntactic foam and light weight concrete. They give syntactic foam its light weight, low thermal conductivity, and a resistance to compressive stress that far exceeds that of other foams. These properties are exploited in the hulls of submersibles and deep-sea oil drilling equipment, where other types of foam would implode.
Hollow Glass Microsphere species:

Grinding Glass Microspheres

Grinding Glass Beads

With the advantages of smooth surface, even size, high hardness, wearable and stable, widely used as disperser, grinding media and filler materials in day ...
Glass Microspheres For Plastics And Resins

Glass Microspheres For Plastics And Resins

Glass Beads of size 710 microns and below are being used as a reinforcement filler in the plastic industry. Depending on he job, bigger sizes are also being used. Spherical shape gives better stress patterns than the ...
Glass Microspheres For Paint and Coating

Paint Glass Beads & Coated Glass Beads

Paint Glass Beads can effectively enhance the fluidity and smoothness of coating, coated glass beads contain gas inside...